Trump Donates ‘MAGA War Room’ in Mar A Lago to Patriot Party

The truth is right there in front of you.

Donald Trump has not been sitting idly by watching democrats try and destroy his legacy. Trump has donated and dedicated a war room at Mar-A-Lago to train and cultivate political talent dedicated to Making America Great Again.

Facts are facts. People loved MAGA and everything it stood for and continues to stand for, and Trump, knowing he will take office again, is going to be ready with an army of like-minded conservatives to take on the democrats and the Deep State Swamp.

Trump knows how to make things work. He knows how to get America back to work as well. He presided over the greatest economy we’ve ever seen, prosperity that is unmatched by any political leader in America’s history.

He is the most popular Republican President of all time. Even more so than Reagan or even Lincoln, but Lincoln is a toss-up.  The south was right, and Lincoln knew it. And so does Trump. That’s why the Patriot Party, created by Trump and like-minded conservatives will win in 2022 and beyond.

Cultivating political talent for Trump has been easy. There is no shortage of patriotic Americans willing to step forward to make America great again and put America first.

Getting participants willing to suspend disbelief and sign on to a cause that makes no sense was simple. Americans who literally no reading comprehension past the third-grade level plus those willing to espouse racist and asinine rhetoric have been willing to come forward out of the truck stops, trailer parks, and insane asylums all over America, ready to do the bidding of Donald J Trump, just like before!

Potatoriotic Americans, Joe Barron and Sandy Batt have been to the war room and awaiting orders from Dear Leader. They’re willing to do whatever it takes, including putting whatever reputation they may have had on the line.

“Hell, it’s ok, nobody liked us much anyway, if Trump said he likes us, that’s all that matters!”

Sandy, his partner reminded him that Trump refused to shake hands and wrinkled his face at them, shooing them out the door as Trump doesn’t care about anyone that doesn’t have money he can grift off of them for.

Will the Patriot Party be able to drain the swamp of democrats and RINO republicans? Will it make a difference in upcoming elections? That remains to be seen, especially with Trump at the helm, draining every last penny out of the ignorant people who will continue to give to a man who not only refuses to pay taxes, but also his own employees.

Stupid people need hope too, and Trump is just the narcissistic asshole to pretend to give it to them. God bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!!!

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