Space Jam Reboot Will Use ‘Gender-Neutral’ Aliens

As if the de-sexyfying of Lola Bunny wasn’t bad enough, the producers of the Space Jam sequel have now announced that they’ll be using “gender-neutral” aliens.

Many critics have said that the small versions of the aliens weren’t identifiable as male or female until they got bigger when they all turned into alien versions of famous players, Male versions.

Lola Bunny was the only female. Now that she could be either-or, with her flatness and lack of appeal to weird teenage boys and furries, nobody will have any idea what sex the aliens are, which is very dangerous.

As everyone knows, we equate transgender people, gay people, and most other people who aren’t rural white Christians with pedophilia, so now Space Jam qualifies as not safe for children.

Thanks, Warner Brothers.

The company released a statement denying the claim that they purposely removed the gender from the aliens:

“The aliens, in their original form, were never gendered. They took the form of specific people, and became them and their gender. We expect the same thing to happen again, only this time, we also won’t discuss gender, because it’s implied, and you people are stupid.”

Not a very good way to get your point across. Calling people names? Really, libtard?

This is the way stuff goes in Joe Biden’s America. Hopefully, you’ve all gone out and bought some Pepe le Pew stuff before they cancel him, too.

Let’s face it, patriots, unless we boycott all of Warner Brothers, we’ll be faced with all of our favorites being canceled by them.

Do it for the children, patriots. Do it for the children.

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