Kamala’s Daughter Arrested in Portland Protests

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kamala Harris has always prided herself in being a good mom. “I’m a mom first,” she likes to say. Well, apparently mom doesn’t do her job very well.

Kamala’s oldest Daughter, Kameela, was just arrested in the Portland protests and taken into custody.

The young Harris was spotted protesting the “Rusty Horn,” a new country-western bar slated to be built in historic downtown Portland, Maine. Locals complain that the bar will attract unsavory Trump supporters and other rambunctious “cowboys” to the otherwise calm and liberal bastion.

Kameela’s best friend, Art Tubolls, said:

“You know, these trumpers just aren’t welcome here. They use vile language, drink beer, and just smell up the entire place. We in Portland don’t want any of that. The Rusty Horn can just get on out of here. Get on! Out!”

King Cleatus Jones, III, a partner in the entertainment group responsible for all of the Rusty establishments is heartbroken by the unwelcomeness of the town.

“You know, these here liberals seem to always say they are tolerant, tolerant, tolerant. Well, they ain’t! Nothing says the gays or blacks couldn’t come on down and line dance at the Rusty Horn. They would be welcome! We are all-inclusive!”

Police say they will be holding Kameela without bail because of her easy access to money. Her mom happens to be the Vice President as well, so she’s considered a flight risk.

Several police officers have claimed the young Harris has already propositioned them to let her out and they say it’s as though she witnessed a lot of that growing up.

Of course, she did. Everyone knows how her mom got to where she is — through hard work and some hussle!

No word on when she will be released from the Maine jail system. It’s estimated that it will be faster than Roger Stone, but perhaps not as quick as Cohen.

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