INSIDER: Pelosi Traded Billions in Congressional Funds for Silence About Her Drinking

An insider in the US Congress has come forward to expose Nancy Pelosi’s deepest, darkest secret. According to the woman, who has been a staffer in the Speaker’s Office since the days of Tip O’Neil, Pelosi has a drinking problem so severe, it has cost our country billions. The source, who wants to remain anonymous in fear of retribution from Pelosi’s friend, Hillary Clinton, says Pelosi has misused her power on several occasions to move money from Congress to lobbyists:

“She would just drink and drink. Then people would come and she’d say something stupid and they’d leave with blackmail evidence. Then she’d have to move Congressional funds from the construction budget to the petty cash fund. In this case the petty cash is more than $3 billion. Once it’s there, she can basically sign checks to lobbyists for throwing fundraisers and creating ‘charitable’ foundations designed to make even more crooked money.”

Now that the truth is out, it’s up to Congress to investigate. Unfortunately, investigating the internal budget falls directly on the Speaker’s Office, a rule that can’t be changed without an act of Congress. Mitch McConnell, who serves as Pelosi’s AA sponsor, says he isn’t sure there’s anything anyone can do:

“It’s an internal matter. I mean [incoherent mumbling] and it’s just un-American. She’s getting too many chances. [Incoherent babbling]…yet another white chip.”

McConnell is just another corrupt old player in the cesspool of RINO politics. He knows nothing about who the party has become.

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