Cowboys Hiring Kaepernick:’He’ll Stand For The Anthem If He Works For Me’

The truth is right in front of you

Dallas Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, appears ready to take a chance on the hiring of disgraced former Niner’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The beleaguered Kaepernick had a workout with the team today and, by all accounts, it went well enough for coaching staff to take a recommendation to hire up to Jones, who will make the final decision on a contract.

Former Seattle Seahawks QB and current Cowboys’ quarterback coach, Jon Kitna, had nothing but praise to share about the prospect:

“Colin showed up and played like he’d never missed any time at all. He’s still got the arm of a 20 year old and pinpoint accuracy. We’d be idiots not to take him on.”

Longtime team owner, Jerry Jones, was optimistic about the chances of a Kaepernick hire, but cautiously so, and with an indication of conditions that would be placed in a contract offer:

“I watched Colin today for awhile. He was sharp. The coaches like him. Each one of them wants him.

But I have concerns about his attitude. He has issues with anger and respect. My stance on this kneeling nonsense is well known. I won’t tolerate it on my team. If he’s going to work for me, he WILL stand for the anthem.

That said, we haven’t won a Bowl in decades. And winning is much more important than any anthem. Yeah, I’ll probably hire him.”

Kaepernick will quickly learn that he can’t get away with his juvenile garbage if he plays in Dallas. Jerry Jones is an American with patriotic values and absolutely won’t stand for Kaep’s crap.

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