Kamala Harris Chosen As Impeachment Trial Manager

The truth is right there in front of you

The democrats have impeached our president yet again, and now this time they’re going too far.  The last time Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator from Kentucky was the impeachment manager and saw to it that democrats couldn’t pull any fast ones, and our great president was mot convicted.

This time democrats have removed McConnell from the impeachment manager, and nobody is there to stop them.

Democrats have chosen Kamala Harris to lead the second impeachment of Donald Trump. This is unprecedented as with most impeachment trials, the lead is from the President’s own party, as to ensure fairness.

Everyone knows that Democrats despise Donald Trump and his work he did to make America Great Again. This could mean the end of Trump ever holding federal office again, which includes being our president. The republicans must put a stop to this madness before Trump loses that right!

This latest impeachment of Trump comes off the heels of his totally peaceful, not psychotic at all January 6 rally where some shenanigans may or may not have gone down. You know how the fake news liberal media are. Always reporting the stuff we don’t want to hear about or would rather pretend didn’t happen. This is the same liberal media that has reported on Trump’s exact words for the last five years!!!

Now the liberals are going to convict our Trump!!!

Reporter for OANN, Joseph Barron, and his co-anchor Sandy Batt were horrified at this news. They were in the Capitol when the announcement was made that Harris would be impeachment manager.

“We’re not exactly sure what this means. I mean we’ve never taken a civics class and the only requirement to work at OANN is a pulse and being good at clutching pearls, but this is way too much!” 

They were outraged that Harris might be impeachment manager, as they, and most likely you, don’t understand how this even works.

What if Trump is successfully convicted in the senate? Will that be the end of MAGA? The end of Q? The end of every other stupid thing you’ve believed in over the last four years that’s been proven to be completely full of shit and without merit?

Only time will tell. 

Will you have to fly your MAGA flags on your pick up that you can barely afford at half-mast? That’s the worst part. Poor trump supporters. You didn’t do anything wrong. Or did you? Hmmmmmmm. Can never be too sure of the voluntarily mentally challenged.  God bless America!

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