Antifa Announces Riot Plans For 4 US Cities

The leader of Antifa in the US is calling for violent protests in four cities sometime in the next 21 days. The four cities, which weren’t named specifically, have been notified of the mob’s intentions. Analysts from the North America Ziegler Institute Society, a conservative think-tank, were able to find enough clues to send word to cities that they were in danger.

According to their chief spokesman, Art Tubolls, the society is about 74 percent sure they know which cities are in danger:

“We were able to extraploate informational sectitudes from the messages being dissemulated among BLM/Antifa, and we have conclusioned that they are perpetuarily seeking to cause disruptivisms in major cities in Red States.

“At first, we looked into Little Rock, Macon, Fayettesville, and Jackson, but none of those cities were in Alabama, so we scrapped that train of thought.

“Now, we’re looking at other states altogether, like Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas, but none of the other cluers put those cities in those states on the right day.

“Basically, if you live in a republican-controlled state, remain vigilant. Stay in your homes between midnight and 4 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the middle of nexy month and you should be okay.”

The Justice Department is looking into sending 100K troops into know Democratic cities in response, hoping to spark a bit of a civil war before the November election.

AG Barr, under authority from the President, says additional federal troops in Chicago, LA, and Des Moines might be necessary to stop whatever might happen in Atlanta and Mobile.

According to the Emergency Management Agencies in both of those cities, there’s no immediate threat, but they welcome the addition of unidentified agents in unmarked vehicles taking people off the streets, as long as they’re Antifa.

President Trump said that he believes Antifa is very, very bad for America.

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