Biden’s FCC Moves to Revoke OAN, Newsmax Broadcast Licenses


And so it begins.

As if the censorship of right wing voices by social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram wasn’t enough, the Biden administration announced today that it is actively trying to silence what may be the last two fully truthful news organizations, One America News and Newsmax.

Both stations have been staunch defenders of President Trump over the past two years, while at the same time drawing viewership away from other major news organizations such as Fox News and CNN.

It is likely precisely for that reason that President Biden has directed incoming FCC Chairperson Rachel Maddow to revoke the licenses of both stations, thus effectively putting them out of business.

OAN spokesperson Cletus Derpfinger was outraged at the news:

“I can’t believe they’re doing this to us. We are literally the only news outlet left that speaks the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

We are being punished for standing with President Trump and all the Potatriots™ of this great nation, which we will continue to do until the final second of our last broadcast.”

Newsmax Spokeswoman Earlene Poteet Cloons was similarly dismayed:

“I only just got hired. Me and Waylon just bought us a new trailer to celebrate. It even has a working bathroom. How are we going to pay for it now? Making moonshine won’t be enough to pay the bills. And how are we going to feed our goat, Ollie?”

FCC spokesperson Joe Barron laughed when asked for comment:

“Are you serious? The both had it coming. I mean, have you ever watched them? It’s like watching ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ except it takes place in a newsroom instead of an insane asylum. In fact, an insane asylum is where their anchors belong, not on TV.

They just make shit up and present it as the “news”. They’re the laughingstock of the media industry. Nobody takes them seriously. They put even Alex Jones to shame.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised their anchors don’t wear tin foil hats when on camera. Their audience sure as hell wears them when they’re watching this drivel. Nothing but Q-Cumbers, morons and dementia addled boomers.

They are an embarrassment to our nation and make us all look stupid. They need to be put out of their misery, plain and simple.”

Tin foil hats? Dementia addled boomers? Is this how the Biden administration views American Potatriots™?

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