‘The Brady Bunch’ Reboot Features 2 Moms & Transgender Kids

The truth is right in front of you

NBC is reissuing the much beloved 1970’s sitcom “The Brady Bunch” for television release next summer but there will be nothing familiar or nostalgic about this new Brady family. The basic premise will remain - a couple enters into marriage bringing with them 3 kids each from previous relationships, and weekly stories will focus on the lives of the new, joined family.

But that’s where the similarities end. While Carol remains as the mother, father Mike is replaced with Michelle, as the couple in this new show are lesbians. The children’s names will technically remain the same, but only on their birth certificates. There will be no 3 boys and 3 girls. Rather, the kids all identify as “gender neutral” and each will be seen “gender bending” - girls will sometimes appear as boys and boys as girls.

The new Brady clan is completely unrecognizable.

Executive Producer In Charge Of Indoctrination, Lauren Perrine, explained why these drastic changes were made:

“The 70’s are over, man. Societal norms have changed. They’ve evolved. Gender is fluid. Deal with it. And this needs to get recognized by networks so as to educate the masses and, hopefully, encourage the public to come out as the many genders they are.

We’re making the world a more beautiful place with this show.”

Some shows just shouldn’t be messed with, at least not this much. Just our opinion.

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