Trump Administration Starts Deportation Proceedings Against AOC and Omar

President Trump isn’t messing around with these “Congresswomen” who were illegally elected to serve the people who voted for them. They have gone way too far lately with their criticism of the administration, and according to White House Counsel, Rudy Giuliani, have overstayed their welcome:

“Alexandria al Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are not from America. Their insolent tone and disrespect has put them in direct violation of the executive order signed by President Trump on January 22nd, 2017, which says that disrespect for the office is grounds for treason and/or removal from the country.”

These women are lucky to be here at all. Ilhan Omar will be returned to Sudan, where she’ll probably need to buy a ticket to where her family is actually from, while AOC will be sent to the Dominican Republic, since all flights to Puerto Rico are booked through October.

It’s a fairly simple process, according to the Justice Department. Spokesman Art Tubolls told us:

“Basically, anyone can be stripped of their citizenship for being un-American in this administration. The rules are simple: If you disrespect this president while holding government office, expect to have yourself ejected. The days of niceties are over.”

The President, who also signed an order making all of his orders legal regardless of how they play out in court, doesn’t care about decorum or your feelings. This is his America now.


  1. NOT TRUE!!!

    Tatersgonnatate is a website created by a conservative who thinks this is parody when it’s actually just a loser, fat guy spreading false statements. Check them all against SNOPES and you’ll see they’re false. There’s too much division these days to unnecessarily spread straight out lies.

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