Omar Wants Second Official Language In Minnesota : Arabic

The truth is right in front of you

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota continues to be controversial and, many have said, unamerican. She is a Somali national who came to this country under false pretences, claiming to be a refugee but in reality escaping a war crimes tribunal in her native land. Since her arrival in America, she has continually refused to assimilate to our way of life, refusing to denounce her faith and still wearing the hijab or a turban. She’s not one of us. And now she’s trying to push her culture on an entire state.

Omar has introduced a bill to mandate a second official language in the state of Minnesota. And the language she wants is nothing less than shocking. The language she desires is Arabic. Yes, you read that right.

This is the opposite of assimilation or adaptation. This is an outrageous promotion of everything that America is not. And at least some Minnesotans are fighting back. A group called ‘Minnesotans Against Omar’ has been gaining support in the state’s population with a mandate of “opposing the anti-Americanism and socialist policies of Ilhan Omar.”

MAO spokesperson, J. Barron, explains the specifics of their mission:

“We at MAO want Minnesota and America to back away from the policies of Representative Omar. Her proposals are nothing short of communist and America doesn’t need or want them. MAO is adamantly against communist activity.

Her latest plan to create a second official language has only one purpose and that is to create division. The endgame is to have everybody read that bible of theirs and convert. It’s as plain as day. What other reason would there be to learn that tongue? America’s only friends over there are the Saudis and I saw them speaking to the President in English. So communication with them is already covered.

Ilhan Omar has plans. And they’re not good.”

Trump also communicates with the Saudis through dance. Travolta has nothing on him. He has the grace of a gazelle.

Indeed. Omar can’t be trusted. She needs to keep out of our tongues and out of our schools.

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