Ilhan Omar:’After We Win, Deportations Of Trump Supporters Begins’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats prove that they are nothing more than fascist scum everyday. They want to restrict or take away all of our constitutional rights and freedoms and they demonstrate this desire everyday.

The latest example of a leftist announcing to the world they are perfect fascists comes from the mouth of Minnesota House Representative, Ilhan Omar, who recently told a colleague her party’s plans for America should the democrats regain control of the White House:

“President Trump and his supporters have tried to destroy America with their criminal actions and constitutional violations. This cannot and will not go unpunished.

Trump, of course, will be arrested and prosecuted for his crimes as soon as he is removed from office, as will be the rest of his family, even little Barron. Look at the face on that kid. You know he’s been up to something. He’s as rotten as the rest.

His supporters, however, are more problematic. They are guilty of crimes against this country. There is no question of that. They propped up a wannabe despot and committed hate crimes in his name. They were proponents for shredding many parts of the Constitution that Trump found to be “difficult”. They are anti-American and would likely continue to try to disrupt the nation long after Trump is incarcerated.

So the only thing to do with them is to deport. They can never again be trusted. Trump’s people will terrorize our future. They must be removed for the safety of us all.”

Wow. This is the New Democrat Party, wanting to jail political opposition in order to cling to power. When you next vote, let them know with your ballot that this is not how we do things in America. Vote Red.

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