Record Crowd Size For Trump’s ‘Salute To America’

The truth is right in front of you

You won’t hear about this through the mainstream media. Not a peep, not a hint. No, the best kept secret currently in America is the crowd size in D.C. for President Trump’s “Salute To America” celebration this past July 4. That’s because the magnificence of that number would astound and amaze.

Never before in all Independence Day celebrations in America, has a crowd reached such exponential numbers. Records were set yet nobody had mentioned this - because doing so would reveal the immense popularity of our president.

All in all, 34 million people gathered on the national mall and surrounding parks to witness the spectacle that President Trump had put together. Spectacular Event spokesperson, Roy Versailles, excitedly had this to say:

“When President Trump planned this event, we had high hopes. We knew that this was not just an Independence Day celebration, it was a ‘Salute to America’, and that made it special. It would be the first event of its kind ever.

Parties that commemorate our independence are passé. They’ve been done to death- almost 250 times before. But this….THIS was original. It’s the first time that America  the nation has mattered. It’s the first time that our people have been given any notice whatsoever. And by our people, I mean our military machines because they are, after all, what America is really all about.”

Even the President has chosen to keep the crowd numbers to himself, preferring to be humble and keep the focus on the American people. He is truly a selfless leader. Thank you Mr President for a party we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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