NY Students Forced To Recite ‘Kahless’ Prayer of Conversion In Class

The truth is right in front of you

Teenagers at S.A. Tyre High School in New York City were made to participate in a religious ritual in their Social Studies class last week, a ritual that effectively had them saying they we’re abandoning their Christianity and converting.

The “Rite of Kahless” is a bit of scripture used “to travel to their new faith, across the River of Blood”, that their teacher, Mr Barron, has spent portions of the previous week providing eager instruction on. The prayer is simple:

“Together, Under one creed, Remain!”

This was shouted forcefully, with fists in the air by the students and was followed by a “pondering of the Barge of the Dead” and “envisioning Kartor the Unforgettable” to complete the ceremony.


Mr. Barron is not an attractive man.

We know what is involved in this faith that Joe Barron tried to mockingly convert them to - essentially an adoration and reverence for death and destruction. So why would he do it? We went straight to the man for answers:

“Why would I do it? Why wouldn’t I? I’m trying to save the souls of these young people. They need to think ahead to the afterlife.

By having them read that passage from the Sacred Scrolls of the Kuvah’Magh, they will not be damned and tortured for eternity in the depths of Ghe’Tor. With my help they can begin to follow The Way and be exalted in Sto’Vo’Kor forever.

There are far better ways than Christianity. Real ways.”

Well, he might if it were honorable.

This is what liberal states look like. Forced indoctrination to evil cults. That’s what the Democrats want.

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