Kaepernick & Rapinoe: Krapinoe Are An Item

The truth is right in front of you

AOC seems to have an attraction to polarizing, America hating sports figures. She has sought love in recent months with both professional kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, and, more recently, champion lesbian, Megan Rapinoe. Neither of these romances worked out for Cortez, but it appears that her love lost may be love gained for her two exes.

After their now famous mid-afternoon parting of the ways between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Megan Rapinoe today, another romance began to bloom. Colin Kaepernick witnessed the whole sordid break up affair and offered Rapinoe comfort after Ocasio stormed off. Megan welcomed his embrace and his Trump hating words, as he had insight into the craziness of AOC.

From there, a make-out session in the restaurant took hold. Colin was seen feeling the once distraught Rapinoe all over in full view of the other patrons, the show ending with Colin leading her out of the bistro, each with a hand firmly planted on the other’s behind. We can only imagine what happened next - and we have. None of it is fit to print. It is sordid and immoral and we condemn such depravity with all of our being, no matter how hot.

The press was quick to give the new couple a nickname: “Krapinoe” and that is sure to stick for it is fitting. We wish them luck, but not in America. Neither of them belong.

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