Paid Liberal Trolls Sue Soros Over Millions in Back Pay, Bonuses

It has long been speculated that billionaire George Soros has been paying internet trolls to undermine and interfere in the election of President Trump. Not only in 2016, when the president was first elected but continuing to this day. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are replete with examples of the handiwork of Soros trolls, which are not always easily identifiable as such, thus adding to their heinous nature. American patriots are often tricked into believing fake headlines, and then share those posts with abandon.

Yet it appears that things are not quite as cozy as it would seem. A group of current and former internet trolls employed by Soros is now suing the billionaire, claiming that they are owed tens of millions of dollars in wages and bonuses. They also accuse Mr. Soros of maintaining horrific working conditions, fostering a hostile work environment, and failure to reign in what is described as “rampant sexual harassment” of usually older female trolls by male teenage trolls.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan by the Federated Union of Paid Internet Trolls International (FUPITA), Local 47. Union President Sandy Batt explains:

“Most of us haven’t been paid in months, and those that did get paid were only paid a fraction of what they were owed. We were promised year end bonuses if we met certain quotas, yet none of them ever materialized. We worked our butts off for that man, and we got stiffed. Meanwhile, he’s spending millions of dollars printing mail-in ballots for the November election and preparing to bus in people from Mexico so they can vote in November.

But that’s not the only thing. We were literally treated like slaves and forced to work in dank basements with no heat and little lighting, crammed 10 trolls to a tiny room, usually underneath pizza parlors that he owns all over the country. Sure, we all got free pizza, but most of us had to work 12-14 hours shifts, with no breaks and no weekends off. All we had was porta potties and hand sanitizer.

What’s even worse was all the sexual harassment. Us older women were forced to work with hundreds of teenagers with raging hormones. All of us were constantly getting sent inappropriate pictures along with lewd comments. Every time we went on a bathroom break the teenagers would hoot and holler at us. We’ve collectively had it, and now we’re taking our case to court.”

Now that the truth has finally come to light, will this be the beginning of the end of George Soros?

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