Elijah Cummings At His Deathbed:’Tell The President I Forgive Him & I Hope He Finds God’

The truth is right in front of you

Elijah Cummings, Democrat Senator of Baltimore, Maryland, passed away suddenly this morning at the age of 68. His death is being mourned by some and celebrated by others. He leaves behind a legacy that is equally confused - something to celebrate to some, reason to rage to others.

Cummings became much more well known in recent months through a vocal feud with President Trump over the deplorable conditions in his home district of Baltimore as well as the whereabouts of $12 billion supplied to him as an aid package to clean up the ravaged streets of his Maryland home. Trump had accused Cummings of theft with regard to the money, suggesting he used it for his own needs, spread it among his cronies, and wasted the rest through foolish spending on ill-conceived public projects. On the other side, Cummings vehemently denied the President’s claims, pushing the theory that Trump had a history of accusing of crimes anyone who pointed out the supposed criminal activity of the president. The images of him snarling and fuming when he spoke of Trump have been seen far and wide.

But on his deathbed, Cummings took on a much calmer demeanor.
Those in attendance in his final hours claim he was reflective of his life as he lay there and, at one point , turned from his talk of family and friends to speak to President Trump:

“Tell President Trump something for me. Tell him that I forgive him. He said some terrible things about me. He spread lies, tried to sully my reputation. Evil seemed to have grown in him. But I forgive him. Tell him for me, would you?

I sincerely hope he can shed Satan. I want all you - and tell America to do this too - to say a prayer for the President so that he might find his way to God.  I know it’s a long shot but we should try.”

While we may disagree with Cummings’ assessment of Trump’s relationship with the Lord, we should still offer our condolences to his family and all those close to him. Rest In Peace.

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