Nancy Pelosi Sends Iranian Embassy Detailed Info On Trump Properties

Nancy Pelosi has engaged in some underhanded wrongdoings that may just add up to treason. In response to the Iranians declaring that their war is against President Trump and not the American people, Pelosi is reportedly working with the Iranian Ambassador to provide them with the information they need to succeed.

According to records that may or may not be publicly available, Pelosi pulled the files of the building plans and permits for all of Trump’s property holdings in the United States and abroad from the Library of Congress for the specific purpose of helping the Iranians.

Not only did she name the obvious public properties, but some of the privately held personal ventures as well. Her crimes have already caused the destruction of a compound in Agrabah used by the Trump family to vacation while in the Middle East.

The Pentagon is already dedicated to protecting the properties outside the US, but here at home, that responsibility falls on the FBI. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite on the President’s side which could put Americans at risk if they visit Trump properties:

“The best thing we can tell the average American is to avoid vacationing at Trump properties. Places like Trump Tower and Mar a Lago may not be safe anytime soon. If you golf, avoid Bedminster and the other 17 courses Trump visits regularly. There really isn’t anything we can do about it, as this is all his own doing. It’s his fault, not ours.”

More than a million people visit Trump properties every day, and this action by Pelosi will cut into his profits in a big way. Not only is this his income, since he’s not being paid to lead, but it’s also his legacy. His gift shops sell tons of officially sanctioned White House merchandise and raise money for his re-election campaign. To lose that revenue may be a tough blow to him and his whole family.

The Senate has called for immediate hearings into the impeachable actions of the Speaker and say she’ll be held accountable. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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