Starbucks Giving All Employees Abortion Benefits

Starbucks announced it is taking a bold step and offering all associates abortion benefits. The company cites a loophole found in Obamacare that will allow the company to offer free abortion services to all employees and then write off the cost on their corporate taxes.

“Thanks to Obamacare, we are thrilled to be able to offer abortion care to all of our 500,000 employees worldwide at no cost to them or our company.”

The cost of these abortions is expected to hit the American taxpayer.

Per Obamacare Law, Title 47, Article 5977, all corporations who provide abortion benefits to their employees may file tax exemptions for each abortion performed. Under the law, that means Starbucks will be able to provide their employees with unlimited abortions to the tune of a $7.8 billion a year.

A Starbucks employee agreed to speak to us under the condition of anonymity. In her statement, Sheila Blige told us:

“I’ve had four abortions just this year. This benefit is going to save me so much money! First, Starbucks gave us $15 an hour, and that has helped in getting the abortions that I need. But now, I can get all the abortions I want for free! Count me in.”

The company also makes clear in their announcement that because they are an equal opportunity employer, the benefit will also apply to any girlfriends, one-night stands, and the few wives, of their male employees.

So far, no word on if they will produce special cups for the special occasion.

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