Federal Judge Revokes AOC’s Citizenship Citing ‘Forged Documents’

Alexandria Occasional-Cortisone is under fire today after a watchdog group brought some very disturbing evidence to a Federal Judge in Galveston Texas. AOC, whose family came to Texas from Puerto Rico, never had the proper paperwork and used “forged documents” to get her residency status.

According to the group’s leader, Art Tubolls:

“This woman’s family came to Texas and then moved to New York. That’s her own story. But…we can’t find any proof of them ever being in Texas at all, which means the visa they used to move to New York had to be invalid.

We also found that Ms. Occasional-Cortisone didn’t use proper identification while studying — illegally — at Boston University. She clearly committed fraud when she joined the Judd Nelson Fan Club under the name ‘Judy.’ We’re still trying to figure out who the real Judy is and what role she played in this scandal.”

Judge Sandy Batt of El Paso’s 14th District Federal District Court of Appeals and Constitutional Probate ruled quickly:

“There is clear evidence that the accused was born in Puerto Rico, not on American soil, and is therefore not eligible to hold any office here. The fraud committed by her family and then perpetuated on the people is inexcusable. Judd Nelson would be ashamed if he were in this court room.”

The judge handed a warrant to arrest and seize AOC’s assets and deport her either back to Puerto Rico or to its parent country, Cuba.

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