Pentagon Resignations Show Trump Is Still Draining The Swamp

The truth is right in front of you

It didn’t take long for liberal Democrats across America to condemn President Trump for his military effort to make America safe. They are calling him a criminal. They’re calling him reckless. They’re calling him an orange meanie.

Yes, I actually found orange meanie images. I was not expecting that.

What they’re really doing is exposing the false Americans amongst us who would choose to comfort an enemy nation over supporting our own safety and security. They are nothing more than traders and we should be thankful that they are revealing themselves, for that will make their removal easier. They will be self-draining themselves from the government swamp.

One unexpected result of the attack was the exposure of high-ranking officials of the Pentagon as “swamp creatures”. A rash of resignations has occurred following the elimination of General Soul Armani. They claim to be resigning in protest of “presidential war crimes.”But protecting our country is not a crime. It is the President’s job.

Satya Martin - perhaps the most beautiful woman the world has ever known - is President Trump’s Top PentagonBrass Drainage Liason. She filled us in on her program’s progress:

“Our plan could not have worked out more swimmingly. This attack - perfectly legal - has exposed widespread treason at the Pentagon. The vermin are now leaving of their own accord. Those that do not will be forcibly evicted.

They claim to be protesting because of honor. But there is no honor in war. Only winning and losing.

America is winning again. And it’s all because of General Trump.”

Miss Martin is so right. And so gorgeous. As long as Trump is at the helm, America will never stop winning.

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