US Ambassador’s Fake Testimony Bought and Paid For by The Clintons

A new source in Washington is confirming today that the flip-flop testimony of Byron Sondland wasn’t just coerced. He wasn’t blackmailed and he didn’t have anything political in mind. It came down to one thing: Money.

According to Sandy Batt, our reporter in the field, Sondland’s bank account grew 3 sizes that day:

“Sondland left the chamber after telling the truth, then suddenly today, he shows up unnanounced and demands to change his testimony. Why? Because he was paid to do so.

“According to a source inside Bank of America, Sondland’s Wells Fargo account quadrupled in size overnight, and while there’s no direct connection to the Clintons, there is a deleted message on his answering machine from the Clinton Foundation asking for a ‘donation.’ Sound fishy? We thought so too.

“Sondland was obviously paid off and will now probably disappear into oblivion like their good friend Jeffrey Epstein.”

President Trump has already declared Sondland a traitor and his testimony fake news. According to his Director of Information and Propaganda, Gill DeTater, the President will take the case all the way to the Supreme Court:

“We won’t rest until we get this issue resolved. We put those 2 judges in place for just this kind of thing, now it’s time for them to repay their debt.”

DeTater is referring to Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, both of whom have sided with liberals since taking their seats on the bench, something that should be unheard of. If you take an appointment to that esteemed panel, you should remain loyal to the man who put you there.

All four of the liberal judges are leaning towards ruling against Trump. Go figure. For now, Sondland’s new testimony is something we’ll just have to ignore and deny, even though it might seem “credible.”

It’s about the end result, people, not the law. Trump is the law. Get in line!

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