Investigators: Clinton Tax Audit Proves Ties To Epstein

Federal prosecutors are one step closer to nailing Bill Clinton for ties to Epstein.

An audit of the Clintons’ taxes from their days in Little Rock shows clearly that they spent somewhere in the area of $156K on “furnishings and other necessities for site 2.”

We believe, with very little evidence or anything solid to go on, that site 2 is in reference to Epstein Island. We assume that to be the case because the payee on the line item is very clearly marked “Epstein.”

Prosecutors won’t confirm or deny that they’re following the lead, because that would mean they would have to admit that the lead exists, which is fairly silly and obviously not the case.

Rather, they’d prefer to watch the scene in Casino in which they toss Joe Pesci and his brother into a hole in their tighty-whities. Obtuse references aside, the similarities between that and this are simply staggering.

We contacted the grand jury of Arkansas and they said they were thinking about taking up the case, but they’re afraid it will open up a whole slew of new cases:

“Last time this happened a guy named Joe Barron prosecuted the Clintons for killing Sandy Batt, and Art Tubolls saw the whole thing but lied about it. Back to you, Flagg.”

The Clintons laughed when we called and said they bought all of the furnishings for the renovations of the Governor’s mansion, with approval from the state legislature, from Epstein Furniture downtown. Bill specifically called this reporter a “moron” before he hung up.

The format here has seriously just gone completely off the handle. And who could blame us?

After all, Joe Biden is still in charge.

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