Disgraceful AOC ‘Flips The Bird’ To Reagan’s Grave

The truth is right in front of you

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a trip this morning - on the taxpayer’s dime - to visit the final resting place of one of our nation’s greatest leaders, President Ronald Reagan. But she didn’t make the journey to pay her respects to the legendary leader. She went to disrespect The Gipper for all to see.

Upon her arrival in Simi Valley, CA, where the former president is buried, Cortez was quick to call a press conference at Reagan’s resting place. It was assumed that she would be singing the praises of the late Reagan as other politicians have done before at that location. But as soon as the reporters were assembled and cameras were rolling, AOC surprised everyone with a vicious rant aimed at the resident deceased.

“Ronald Reagan sounded the death knell for our country. Before him, our success was shared by all. But Reagan hated the working class and started his assault on middle America.

He’s the reason we gave homelessness. He’s the reason we poverty and starving children and drugs and abortions. He started it all.

Ronald Reagan killed America.”

Following her little tirade, AOC shocked all by turning to ‘flip the bird’ at the remains of this proud president, insulting to do to any of the deceased, but one hundred times more so to the second greatest president we have ever known. She held this pose long enough for every camera to get shots, turned back, laughed and walked away.

This is today’s democrats. Unable to even let the dead rest. Their hatred knows no bounds.

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