AOC Wants One Child Limit Per Family

The truth is right in front of you.

Alexandria Occasional-Cortez is a communist. She doesn’t deny this. In fact, she wears it proudly on her sleeve. 

It’s seen in every policy idea that she’s stolen from socialist nations around the world - free college, free medicines, taxing the rich, environmental protection ; these are all ideas that have been implemented and which have failed in every red nation that’s tried them. 

Now she stolen another ridiculous notion from the commiest of the commies. She’s wants to implement a one child limit on families, just like China did. 

But China did it to slow down an out of control population growth that was unsustainable because its citizens were a bunch of liberals who couldn’t keep it in their pants because they had no connection to Christ, Our Lord and Savior. And being Democrats, they supported government having the power to pry into people’s bedrooms and control their sex lives. 

So why does she think she can try this garbage here? This isn’t China. We’re not Commies. This is not a nation of democrats. We don’t allow government to regulate our bedroom activities or our bodies. Americans will not tolerate our sexuality being subject to government controls.

But still, try Cortez will. 

Liberals are all disgusting sex maniacs.

She plans to launch her Bill, titled “Abortion Alternative - Plan B”, next week in the House of Commons. She is not presenting any viable reasons for the proposal, only screaming some gobbledygook about “Green New Deal” and needing to be “more gay”. 

This woman makes no sense at all. Somebody please make her stop so government can function normally again without having to deal with her blather. 

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