Rashida Tlaib Under Investigation For Election Fraud

The truth is right in front of you

Inside sources have revealed that Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib is under FBI investigation for alleged election tampering in her own election.

It is alleged that Tlaib, in her zeal to win and attempt to take down the president, rigged voting machines in her district to allow her name to appear as a voting option. This after her republican rival, whose company manufactured the machines, had erased any mention of her on the ballots.

Special Agent Krystal Lynn of the FBI tells us more:

“Mrs Tlaib was informed by her staff that her name was not on the ballots. So she decided to take  matters into her own hands and ‘fix’ them. She did so by having a tech poke around and do what techs do.

These machines had been certified by Elections America and were under protection. The programs within had been approved by the RNC board within the state. What Tlaib did amounts to electronic tampering.

Her meddling did not add votes to herself, none were manufactured, and no votes were taken from others. So the election results stand. What is being investigated is merely the adjustments she made, which really just ensured a fair election and revealed that the republicans cheated.

Really, nothing will come of this investigation as regards to arrest of Tlaib. I can tell you that already. It’s a waste of time. The GOP guy may go to prison though. That’s quite likely.

By the way, it’s my birthday.”

There you have it. Democrats under investigation again. All they do is cheat.

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  1. So…Rod Gozinya wrote this. Rod Goes In You. Get it? It’s all for lulz. Not, definitely NOT for propaganda and misinformation purposes. But seriously, you do get that these are all “joke” articles meant to be taken literally as a way of firing up the base.

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