Supreme Court Strikes Down Law That Would Allow ‘Immigrants’ to Vote by the Millions

Democrats in 18 states have laws allowing illegals to vote. Together, they say that makes them a majority. Does it? There’s really no way to tell, so the Supreme Court had to step in. Come to find out, it’s a good thing they did. The Democrats were ready to slip a tertiary amendment to an omnibus budget proposal that would have allowed nearly 6 million “refugees” to vote in federal elections.

The amendment states that if a state wants any pertuitary funding to their minutialated hedge funds, that state would first have to allow all adult-aged residents to have full voting rights. “That’s the only way to ensure there is no taxation without representation,” says liberal San Fransisco Mayor Art Tubolls, “we have people living here and paying taxes and they don’t get a say.”

Yeah, dummy. They don’t get a say because Article 9 Section 14 Sub-section 11 of the Articles of Incorporation of 1814 after the 2nd Revolutionary War of 1812 says they don’t:

“Let no person not born of American blood or on American soil be admitted should it be not in the best interesteth of the Union.”

Look at that, liberals. They even used the word “union” to keep you from whining. In short, that means the people can decide what is and isn’t right, and what’s wrong in this case is anything but right. Sometimes, you have to set aside what’s right and sometimes you have to fight for it. In this case, what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

Luckily, the Supreme Court caught on and issued a ruling. Otherwise, the whole country could have been overrun. 6 million votes can change an election.

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