UN to Post Troops at All US Polling Locations

They'll do anything to remove our great President!

The United Nations declared that they will deploy troops to every polling location in the United States to ensure a free and fair Presidential Election in November.  The obvious intention is that these troops will be in place to intimidate potential Trump voters to keep them voting in person and would ensure that Biden is elected.

The fact is that the rest of the world is jealous over the best COVID-19 response in the world and the greatest economy in history.  They see the only way to bring the United States back to the rest of the world is do everything in their power to ensure the Joe Biden is elected.  It seems that the United Nations coalition has been taking excellent notes from the Democratic party.

As it turns out, this is perfectly legal and that the host country, the United States in this case, cannot legally refuse the troops thanks to Order 66 from the 1945 Geneva Convention.

Order 66 states “To ensure that an autocratic society does not again rise and threaten the security of the world, member nations must allow military forces from other member nations within their borders to ensure free and fair elections of leadership.  Occupying member nations are permitted to influence elections in such a manner that would benefit the United Nations as a whole.  The occupied member nation has no official say in the outcome of these elections.”

Republican spokesperson Joe Barron spoke with the media:

“It’s completely ridiculous.  The United States lifts up the rest of the world.  We have the best President.  We have the best economy.  We have the most COVID-19 deaths.  The most medical bankruptcies.  The most guns.  The most freedom!  The rest of the world hates us for all of our success.  And now they’re going to try to post troops at our polls under the guise of having a free and fair election?  Give me a break!”

We’re the United States and we’re not going to take other nations invading us.  That’s our thing and our thing only.  Call your Congressman and tell them to say no to the United Nations!

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