Disgusting Liberals Stage Pearl Harbor Protest During Moment of Silence

The truth is right in front of you

Each year on Veterans Day, we honor the dead at 11:11 am on this date of 11/11. This is the minute at which an armistice was signed that brought peace to the world after years of wartime bloodshed. A moment of silence is given by all in recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of those who gave their lives so that we may continue to have freedom and Internet.

This somber ceremony is generally recognized by all - conservative and liberal alike. It has, through the years, become a singular moment of solidarity during which people come together to mourn as one. It is something truly special and our fallen heroes would be proud.

But more and more often, liberal scum have fouled the somber event. In recent years we’ve seen cacaphonous protests erupt at just that silent moment at V-Day ceremonies nationwide. It’s backfired on them though, giving them much bad press and has subjected them to justified violence at the hands of offended veterans.

So this year, at Pearl Harbor, the liberals changed their tactics.

Joe Barron and Susan Scott, both veterans themselves, organized a unique “Moment of Silence” protest this year. Susan told us all about it:

“A protest had to take place to speak out against the Republican war machine. But we’re both vets. We wanted to show some respect for our lost comrades while still sticking it to the man.

Joe had an epiphany. Mimes. The protest will be mimed. Nobody can complain about that.”

And mime they did. Clad in black berets, striped shirts, and stupid make-up, dozens of protesters appeared in a flash mob, pretending to be stuck in an invisible box for the full minute of remembrance and beyond, and annoying the f**k out of all in attendance.

Mimes serve absolutely no purpose in society. This was much more annoying to the warmongers….and everyone else…..than anything else we’ve ever done! Victory!” said Susan.

Liberals have no shame. This silence was a stain on a revered moment of silence.

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