‘Joe Obama For President’ - Obama’s Plan To Re-Name Biden

The truth is right in front of you.

Joe Biden is the front runner for the presidential candidacy in the Democratic Party. He’s a fairly likable guy. He smiles a lot, tells a good joke. And he was Barack Obama’s right-hand man for 8 years.

Yet he’s still facing an uphill battle. Stories abound about his “touchy-feely” ways. He’s gaining a reputation - however unfounded - as a pervert, one not to be trusted around the opposite sex. While that may have worked as a plus for President Trump to get elected, it appears that cultivating this image will not work for Biden as far as gaining support from the trump faithful goes.

And so, once again, President Obama is coming to the rescue. He and the former First Lady, Michelle, are once again stepping up to do what’s right for the country. Seeing how Joe has been floundering, they’ve decided to give him not only their endorsement but the Obama name. Soon it will be “Joe Obama” running for President of the United States of America, as Barack and Michelle plan to formally adopt ‘Uncle Joe’.

Michelle offered some insight into this decision :

”Joe has been family to us for as long as we’ve known him so this was an easy decision.  By making Joe an Obama he will become a legacy candidate. His name will have the Obama strength and character. The election will be a lock.“

A desperate move on the part of the Democrats. We’ll see how it plays out.

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