Hillary Knew About the FBI Secretly Investigating Trump

The truth is right in front of you

While it is true that there was an ongoing investigation by the FBI that Russian operatives attempted to interfere with the 2016 election, it is also true that they have done the same sort of thing in every election since the end of World War II, so nothing new to report here.

What is new to report is just how did Hillary Clinton know all about the “alleged” investigation into this seemingly minor incident when she was being investigated for putting our National Security at risk?

Leaked documents will show that former FBI Director James Comey told both Bill and Hillary about the investigation into President Trump and his plans were to “take him out.” Well, now we finally have answers.

Former FBI Agent and double naught spy Joe Barron was in the middle of the whole conspiracy.

“Comey convinced both Clinton’s, that he had the goods on Trump, and they both jumped at the chance, even if it meant throwing the election to keep the investigation going.
She had to lose the election or the investigation into Trump’s mob-like deals would end. She took a chance, but she didn’t expect Trump’s genius counter-attack of firing Comey which ultimately stopped the investigation.”

Here are some of the reasons we think the fix was in. The truth is right in front of us.

She did not campaign in the rust belt states. Why? Those are the states she lost. She didn’t even try to win there. Looks fishy to me.

At the debates, she kept on and on about Russia that was crazy at best. Just who provided that to you?

President Trump didn’t find out until much later that there was a hoax investigation into his personal affairs as a United States citizen, he had no choice but to fire the “nutcase” Comey.

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