Hillary Caught on Hot Mic: ‘I’m Not Happy He’s Got It, I’m F’ing Ecstatic’

Hillary Clinton was caught being a nasty woman, yet again.

On a hot mic during a fundraiser for Joe Biden, Hillary told the host during a commercial break that “I’m not happy that stupid bastard got the coronavirus, I’m F*cking ecstatic.”

While there no surviving copies of the conversation, since Hillary’s people got to the sound folks immediately and threatened them with a good Vince Fostering, there are numerous accounts from eyewitnesses of the event.

One woman said, “I heard it. Plain as day. She said exactly what you say she said.” She was on the record under the condition of anonymity.

Another man said he heard everything, just as we reported it. He wouldn’t give his name, but insisted that he was a “very important person with top-level security clearance,” so you know he was legit.

Hillary herself admitted to saying it, on tape, but those tapes were also taken and destroyed by Deep State operatives.

According to several other sources who may or may not have direct knowledge of what happened, that wasn’t all Hillary said. She reportedly also called President Trump “a complete and total waste of oxygen” and suggested that he “suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain as a fetus.”

The doctor who delivered trump couldn’t confirm or deny the accusation.

The bottom line is, Hillary should be ashamed for wanting to cause harm to a man just because she believes he stole an election, destroyed her country, set it on fire, and then refused to pee in its mouth when its teeth were on fire.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. President.

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