Ubër Exposed As Socialist Plot

The truth is right in front of you

“Sharing economy” transportation companies like Ubër and Lyft have taken North America by storm. They offer consumers more and cheaper alternatives to traditional taxis or limousines. Some say it’s an idea whose time has come as more choices were needed in this popular industry. Others say it’s socialism, pure and simple. 

Larry Lubiner is a representative of “Dammit, It’s Socialism!”, a non-profit think tank dedicated to the destruction of the red menace in the United States. He explained to us his stance :

“The fundamental premise of a socialist economy is sharing. Sharing of resources, sharing of property, sharing of time and ideas. Right?

Now let’s look at Ubër, for instance. This is an overlord company that does not hire people outright, as a traditional capitalist business would.  Instead, they recruit what are essentially volunteers to drive the passengers around, for which they are provided a small stipend. 

So they are sharing their own vehicle, their own fuel, their own time, their own energy for a collective cause, that being their communist masters. 

Go ahead. Ask an Ubër driving how much money he’s making in that car. The pittance that they make proves that they are essentially volunteering their time. They pretty much work for tips. It’s pathetic.”

Some valid points from Mr Lubiner. Perhaps we should join his cause. America does not want Ubër Socialism here. 

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