Liberals Losing Their Minds Over Adrenochrome Shortage

The truth is right in front of you

Adrenochrome. For those of you not in the know, it is an “elixir of youth”. It’s very popular amongst the liberal democrat set, keeping them looking young and vital when, if left to nature, they’d be old, withered, senile, and quite possibly dead. 

Sounds great, right? Good for them, right? What’s the harm? They found a fountain of youth!

The harm is in the source of the fountain - not mountain springs, but babies. Yes, babies. Adrenochrome is sourced from baby parts. And those largely come from abortions. From the fetus. 

The technology to extract Adrenochrome from feti was developed in the early 70’s by Dr. H.S. Thompson and Dr. G. Onzo, both of whom worked for Planned Parenthood. It is, in fact, proprietary technology belonging solely to the infamous abortion clinic. 

The doctors relax after a long day of torturing feti.

The process involves inserting massive needles into the babies while still in the womb. It is excruciatingly painful for the child  but they must be alive during extraction for maximum effectiveness.  It is a monstrous procedure. 

Now that humane abortion bans are being put in place across the country, Adrenochrome is in short supply and liberals are furious. You can see it in the faces of people like Nancy Pelosi. A month ago, she appeared much younger than her 87 years, now she looks like she’s 150.  They all do. It’s hideous. 

You can expect democrats to fight back against the new laws vigorously. They’ve been cheating death for decades and now face their own mortality……and there’s nothing more motivating to force change than avoiding the inevitability of death just a little bit. 

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