Trump Gives Go-Ahead To Prosecute Omar For Fraud

The truth is right in front of you

With all the allegations surrounding Democrat Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, one had to wonder if and when the Attorney General would ever take the steps necessary to bring her to justice.

She has been accused of a multitude of offenses. It’s alleged that she is wanted in her native Somalia for the most heinous crimes a 6 year old can commit - public tantrums - and so stole an identity to make passage to America. It’s been suggested that she  attempted to lead a bloody coup in Somalia that led to her exile. And, of course, there is the mounting evidence that she is not a fan of our President - opposes him, in fact. All of these indicate that she does not belong with us in the USA and should be sent packing.

And so President Trump has made his move. AG Barr has received his instructions to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and to seek the maximum penalty available. Trump’s words were clear:

“We do not tolerate whatever it is she is accused of here in these glorious United States. I’m sure whatever it is must be the worst crime imaginable. Go get her Barrman! Your loyalty will be rewarded.”

So now we wait and see. And hope. And pray. For justice.

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