Biden Rally Filled With Palestinian Flags. Is He Turning Against Israel?

The truth is right in front of you

We know that Democrats pander to minority groups and encourage immigration at the expense of our own culture. This is evidenced in every policy decision they’ve ever made throughout their history, as well as in all the promises they make today. And this was shown again just last week.

Joe Biden recently held a rally in Michigan. While it did not have an overwhelmingly large attendance, as a Trump Rally would, there was another thing that was very distinctive about it. Flags. It was not just that there was nary an American flag to be found, but that the flag that was seen most often - in fact, almost exclusively - was the flag of Palestine.

Palestine, as you know, is not even recognized as a country by the United States. It is seen as only a semi-autonomous region controlled and exploited by Israel, who doesn’t want the Palestinian homeland recognized. Or something like that. It’s complicated. Anyway, we do what Israel says and support them in everything they do. It’s because of something about the end times or something.

So why were there are so many Palestinian flags flying for Biden? Will he be turning his back on our long time ally, Israel? Will he be siding with the Palestinians if he wins? These are questions that must be answered

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