Obama Foundation Vow: ‘To Arm The Poor Against Trump’s America’

The truth is right in front of you

When the Obamas started their charitable foundation nobody knew exactly what its purpose was. It’s mandate was never publicly stated - no press release, no website, nothing. We assumed it was a scam and now our suspicions have been proven to be true.  For it appears that the organization’s goal is to fuel further unrest in our nation, pitting races against each other, fighting Trump’s vision of all living in peace and harmony. And now we see how they are putting this into action.

Barack Obama released a message to the press today, indicating the specific intentions of the Obama Foundation and how he intends to implement his evil. It said, in part:

“My Foundation is committed to empowering people of color in the United States of America. They need to be given a sense of purpose and yes, they need to know that their lives matter.

Our scientists have determined that the easiest, most direct way to instill this sense of self is to give them the means they require to protect themselves from those who would take their power away.

AR-15’s are being used by Trump’s minions everyday to slaughter my people. They are determined to wipe my brothers and sisters out and we are not going to take it anymore.

Effective immediately, the Obama Foundation will distribute these weapons to any member of a minority community in America that wants one. Black, Muslim, Chinese, Latino …. if you are feeling oppressed and threatened by the devils, protection will be yours. Come to us or we’ll deliver to you. Our trucks will be fully stocked and distributing in every city in the country.


This can’t be allowed to happen. The Second Amendment was created to protect Americans from the invading hordes. Obama is perverting the vision of our forefathers for evil.

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