Democrats Want A ‘Gang Exemption’ From Red Flag Laws; Say ‘That Would Be Racist’

The truth is right in front of you

The introduction of so-called “red flag” laws from the Trump administration are just over the horizon. These laws will flag those who are mentally unsound so that they will not be able to make firearm purchases and go on killing sprees, as every recent mass shooter - with exception of the socialist who killed in the Ohio Walmart - has been found to be mentally ill. Those that are so disturbed that they would take the words of our president and twist them into reason to commit mass murder should not have weapons that would allow them to do so. It’s that simple. Trump unites people. The unsound, with so much hatred and violence already in them, cannot grasp this and seek to further divide, likely as a result of left wing negative imagery and propaganda.

One only need watch “Colors” to know gang members are unstable as indicated by this dance scene with their crazy movements.

But the flagging law can also be applied to others that have dangerous tendencies as shown through repeated past violent behavior. Gang members would figure prominently into this area, one would logically think. They are, after all, members of criminal enterprises that murder and maim regularly and without conscience in order to promote their business

But democrats don’t see it that way. They - the party of gun control - want a “Gang Exemption Clause” placed into the language of the red flag bill because, as they say, “to not do so would be racist.” Their claim is that minority groups would be unfairly targeted as it is largely their numbers in gangland. Take a look at how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to justify excluding gangs from having the law applied to them:

“Trump will just use this law to persecute minorities. Gang members have a right to guns just like everyone else. Trump wants to make them vulnerable and easier to be taken out by the man. If their guns are taken away and they’re not allowed to buy more, they can’t defend themselves against the homicidal, criminal cops. The animals in blue will be able to gun down all the brown skinned people at will.”

Cortez seems to feel that gang members have a right to shoot the police. She is clearly delusional and probably has gang ties herself. What other reason could she have for protecting these thugs?

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