Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Tax Beef To Pay For Wind Farms


She’s one of the most visible and outspoken members of the Democratic Congress.  She’s suggested banning motorcycles, trucks, donating her brain to science, and lowering the pay of our military members.  But if you think that was the end of all things American that she could possibly rail against, stick out your hand and hold her beer : the Kewpie Doll of Congress is coming for your red meat.

Already, a clever Texas rancher has begun experimenting with raising “ultracows”, spliced with Kardashian D.N.A.

During last week’s budget planning session, Little Lady Leningrad brought up her “Green New Deal” program again, and suggested that a new tax on beef and steak products be levied in order to pay for the construction of twenty-five new wind farms across the country.  According to her estimates, the farms will generate enough waste-free energy to power several large cities at a fraction of the current cost.  But at what price?  Well, do you remember the McDonald’s Dollar Menu? Wave goodbye.

We’ll have to tell fond stories to our grandchildren about Horsey Sauce and how it made us throw up with delight.

Beef prices currently fluctuate between around $3.80 to $4.00 per pound of delicious cow corpse.  Under the Socialist Punky Brewster’s plan, that cost would skyrocket to $4.15 per pound.  That means Mr. and Mrs. Joe America will have to choose between a car payment and their weekly dinner at Sizzler.  Jack and Diane better start saving if they plan on sucking down a lot of chili dogs.  And get ready to sacrifice Sunday’s church change for Taco Tuesdays.

Will the nightmarish vision of Dora the Marxist Explorer come to pass?  It’s not clear just yet.  But two things are.  One : you’ll believe anything about AOC because you’re desperately afraid of change, progress, and youth, and two : “Dora” does not rhyme with “explorer.”


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