Dixie Chicks Donate Tour Money To Trump 2020: ‘He’s No George Bush’

The truth is right in front of you

Country music band, The Dixie Chicks, became famous for more than their music some years ago, when they called out George W. Bush for going to war against Iraq. They had said at the time, “We are ashamed that George Bush is our president.” This was met with widespread disapproval from their fan base and their career quickly descended into oblivion.

Now, they appear to have done an about face. They’ve shared their democratic leanings and have returned to their Texas roots and are supporting the GOP and our president. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this month, all three of the chicks made a joint statement:

“We would proudly vote for President Trump again.”

Just thought I’d throw up another picture cuz I think they’re sexy af.

That they voted for him in the first place was not known by many, but they have now verified that as fact.

“President Trump brought a fresh new outlook to America. His thinking, his ideas, they are all out of the box and that is exactly what this country needed.

He has always had our full support. We helped him with his campaign behind the scenes. He did not want us to do this publicly as our past might have affected his campaign negatively, which we fully understood.

God willing, President Trump will be in office for at least four more years after his current term. If we had our way, he would be in the White House for life.”

The Chicks claim that their previous rage against President Bush was merely “the misguided idealism of youth” and that they have now grown beyond such naivety. Whether this is true or if they merely seek to get their careers back on track remains to be seen.

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