Antifa Reserved 300K Ticket’s To Trump’s Rally Using Fake Email Accounts

The Secret Service is chasing down leads to expose the regional leader of Antifa in Oklahoma. According to internally-sensitive reports that may or may not directly relate to the rally, One man organized a drive to reserve more than 296,978 seats at the venue in Tulsa.

While CNN denies the allegations, public officials familiar with cases like this have said that there’s a clear likelihood that the possibility of Antifa was immeasurably high or possibly lower than expected. Either way, the outcome would be an egregious dereliction of duty on Joe Biden’s behalf.

The man they’re looking for, James Osborne, leads a team of elite online trolls that have spent years lurking inside the conservative echo chamber learning to sound just like. Osborne once told MSNBC:

“It’s really not that hard. Knock your IQ down to a person who had trouble with junior high, get an inferiority complex you can only fill with guns, God, and a sweet pair of Oakleys, and go about your day hating everything you don’t know or understand. Be afraid of everything, but show it by backing tough guy movements, joke militias, and bootlicking cop apologists. Dress like you’re ready for battle. Wear facial hair as scruffy as possible.

Then, when you’re good and embedded, start using large words that they won’t understand and insert the keywords you need them to nod their heads ‘uh huh’ to. After a while, trolls rule their little online world and they don’t even realize it. So them we tell them. And they say ‘nuh uh.’ It’s fucking hilarious.”

In this case, those trolls managed to disrupt a federal event, which cost the taxpayers more than $1.2 billion. The bulk of that money will go to the Trump campaign to reimburse them for the embarrassing losses. That one guy said they’ll probably need to sue for more to regain their dignity after this crushing blow.

Antifa, a dangerous rebel organization that doesn’t actually exist but is more of an idea, has been doing this since 2016. You’d think that they’d figure out not to count on those numbers. Seriously. An email address is the second easiest thing to get after COVID data Trump rally.

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