Kid Rock Honors Limbaugh with Free Virtual Concert

So Excite!

When President Trump surprised Rush Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom honor, millions of patriotic Americans applauded. Liberals being the sore losers they are, cried with envy.

Limbaugh has inspired millions of patriots a day, through his tireless decades of tirades against the loser left and was the most deserving recipient of this award at the SOTU. He is a true national treasure.

In honor of Limbaugh’s achievements, Kid Rock will perform a free virtual online concert dedicated to the freedom fighter’s greatest radio hits. This will really give those libturds something to cry about. You can almost hear their wails.

The setlist will include Kid’s renditions of Limbaugh’s most popular songs, “Barack the Magic Marker,” which was a fan favorite and “Hillary Is The White House Mutt.” He will also perform his own crowd pumping classics, such as “Pimpin All Them Hoes“, and “Hillbilly Cousin Lovin‘.”

This live set is guaranteed to have folks dancing in their seats, according to set manager, Joe Barron. Like Rush, the Kid feels strongly about radio’s ability to bring people together to say and sing the kind of words that would get your chiclets smashed if you said them to others’ faces. This concert will be in the privacy of your own home.

Rush is rumored to be unbelievably flattered by the outpouring of support since his diagnosis with Claocogenic carcinoma. He has stated that he will be spending this time intensely focused on his deeply personal relationship with the Lord and with his wives Kathy, Marta, Michelle and Roxy by his side. His children will also be with him.

The event will be aired online here at this link.

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