AOC Says Pickup Truck Owners Are a Danger to Society in Fiery Speech

The liberal superstar known the world over as “AOC” has offered yet another bit of sage wisdom: pickup truck owners are dangerous, and should pay an extra fee for being one.

According to our sources at the Liberal Political Action Committee, AOC was speaking at a private fundraiser when she made the remarks:

“We can’t confirm or deny that she was there, since we weren’t, but we heard from very good sources that she made the remarks about truck owners after someone asked her about her experience at the US Capitol.

“The source says their source has a source that knows a source that was in the room with the real source, who may or may not actually exist.

“What does exist is the quote.”

A spokesman for AOC admitted that she was at the fundraiser and that trucks were discussed, so bingo. Of course, he says the quote was taken “out of context,” which is Democrat for “we can say whatever we want.”

According to their statement:

“The congresswoman said that the insurrectionists on January 6th were pickup trug flag-waving lunatics. So yeah, maybe a bit out of context.”

The Biden White House hasn’t responded to our request for a comment on the grounds that we’re a “hack satire network that really isn’t good for anybody.”

We officially disagree. we’re good for lots of folks.

God bless America.

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