Milano:’Trump Supporters Are Like A Horrible Disease’

The truth is right in front of you

Alyssa Milano has never been shy about sharing with the world her hatred for President Trump. She shouts it from the rooftops every chance she gets. She’s a typical Hollywood liberal, full of rage for no reason at all other than ridiculous dislike for patriotic republicans.

Now she is spreading her loathing to those who support our Commander-In-Chief. Milano has likened those on The Trump Train to a disease and she is unapologetic for the comparison.

“Trump things - I hesitate to call them people - are like a disease. They should have to warn those they are involved with of that status…of their love for a violent dictator.

In many parts of the country, people suffering from AIDS have to disclose that information to those they date. It’s a law meant to protect those they become romantically or intimately involved with.

This image inserted for no other reason other than I’ve been dying to put it in somewhere.

Trump supporters should have to do that. They are like a horrible debilitating disease. When trumpies first get involved with somebody, that other party should be able to make informed decisions about whether they want to be infected. This can’t happen if chumpsters lie like they always do, in this case by not revealing that they are Nazis.

I’m proposing that this forced reveal become a law in California. It is sure to be a success that we will then lobby to have instituted nationwide.”

What disgusting rhetoric is why everybody hates liberals. If anybody is a disease, it is them.

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