Trump:’If You Are A theist, You Do Not Belong In Government’

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump is letting the world know his views on God, religion, government, and the role that the three have working together in America. The topic of god in government came up during a family dinner, when young Barron discussed his civics homework on what Founding Father James Monroe called “ecclesiastical government.” Barron was struggling with the subject, as he was convinced that the church and its teachings should have great influence on how a nation is managed. As President Trump told us, he does not disagree.

“I enjoy helping my son with his schoolwork. He comes to me because he knows that his study subjects come easy to me. But this was not a true academic question. It was more a question of morality.

I told Barron the story of a young man I had met in one of my many hotels decades ago. That boy - we’ll calm him Joe, Joe Barron - asked me if he, being a theist, should enter politics and allow his beliefs about god to influence how he governs.

I told Joe what I really believe and that is if you are a theist, you have no place in our government at any level. Your morality would not mesh with our constitution and you would not be able to be effectively impartial, as one needs to be. I recommended that, if he wanted to serve the people through elected office , he should stop being a theist and come to the side of right.

Barron seemed, perhaps, a little more confused after the anecdote I shared but he is only 12 years old. Such higher concepts like this may be hard for him to grasp at that age. He’ll get it eventually.”

President Trump truly understands the role of the Lord in our government. We are lucky to have such a man.

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