AOC:’Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Be Allowed To Vote’

The truth is right in front of you

Talk about the pot calling the kettle stupid. Or the stupid calling the kettle black. Or whatever. The point is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is trying to insult the intelligence of other people. And it gets better. She’s taking jabs at the intelligence of supporters of President Trump, a people who showed absolute brilliance in their selection for Head of State.

Cortez made the remarks at a fundraising luncheon held for her in the Bronx after she was asked “How can America combat the ‘paranoia’ of Trump’s base?” She replied like so:

“It’s commonly known that Trump loves the uneducated. This is for two reasons: One, he’s completely uneducated himself. He can’t relate to people with actual knowledge. But secondly, and even more importantly, stupid, uneducated dolts are easy to manipulate. Trump and his people are playing these morons like fiddles and laughing as they do.

These people believe anything he says because they lack the ability to critically think. It’s education that expands the mind and allows such critical thought patterns. It gets us to question rather than blindly accept. See what I mean? Blind acceptance. That what Cheeto’s fans give him.

It’s an affront to democracy and will lead to the death of the nation if it’s allowed to continue. Trump supporters are too stupid to be allowed to vote. This must be remedied so that this country can continue.”

I don’t know about you, but all i read in that was:

“Orange man bad”

You know, the usual nonsense.

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