NYC Refuses Ted Nugent & Kid Rock’s Homeless Vet Benefit Concert

The truth is right in front of you

Trump supporting rockers, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, just wanted to help our country’s veterans in need and they had a plan to do so. The two planned a star-studded benefit concert in Central Park, headlined by Rock and Nugent, for early in the New Year. Even President Trump was considering making an appearance for the good cause. It was thought by organizers that up to $500,000 could be made for donation to help homeless veterans in America through the new “Trump Foundation for America.” It seemed to be a great plan for a worthy cause that would be supported by all. But the City of New York saw it differently.

Without any consideration, the city denied the event at the Central Park venue they sought. In fact, they were given a blanket denial to host such an event, for that charity, anywhere at all, at any time, ever. At this, Nugent says he was frustrated but not shocked.

“New York City is a center of liberal a**holes. They only think of themselves. Suggest a charity to them and they scream like little girls. Remember, they shut down the original Trump Foundation for raising money for cancer research. New York is against cancer research! It’s unbelievable!”

Mayor DiBlasio was more blunt in his statement:

“Trump doesn’t run charity in NYC because Trump doesn’t run charities. That’s fake news.”

Not much of an explanation from the Mayor. It’s one thing to hate the President, but to take it out on homeless vets? That’s despicable.

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