AOC and Omar Vow To Raise The Social Security Eligibility Age To 78

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have always hated our programs for seniors, like Medicare and Social Security. They hold no value for the senior citizens who built this country and want to deny that segment of the population the reward of comfort and rest in their golden years.

Evidence of this has come once again in the form of a proposal from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. The two socialists have repeatedly spoken of eliminating the Social Security program but have been met with fierce opposition every time.

As a result, the two have now changed their approach. No longer do they want to be rid of the programs all together, now they are simply promising to radically change how they operate.

Democrats wish to raise the eligibility age to receive SS meaning people would have to work for more of their life.  This would be devastating to our elderly.

AOC shared some words about this policy desire:

“Social Security is an entitlement that is a drain on our system. How dare these folks feel they have an automatic right to the government’s money!

But fine, we can be reasonable. We have scrapped our plans to eliminate the program altogether, even though that would be the responsible thing to do. Instead, we will make it more efficient.

Once we regain our rightful positions as controllers of this country, the eligibility age to receive benefits will be raised by 13 years to age 78. This will still allow the elderly to get their handouts, they’ll just have to wait a little longer to do it. They can pull up their bootstraps and keep working to build this country like everyone else.

Yes, it may be hard on their old bodies. With any luck, it will be so hard that they’ll just kick before we have to give them a penny.”

They want seniors to just disappear. That is the Democrat way.

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