Trump Advisors Tell How To Win Any Argument With A Liberal

The truth is right in front of you

Doubtless , every American who supports President Trump has had the displeasure of finding themselves in a debate with an Obama-loving, Killery-voting liberal and so we all know what an exercise in futility it is. Democrats won’t listen to reason. They hate facts. They worship Obama, hanging on his every word, treating him like the messiah. And they hate Trump - not with good reason or factual basis, but just because. “Orange man bad” is all they know and they will fight him and his supporters with everything they’ve got for no particular reason. It can be maddening to realize that trying to persuade them to see the truth is, it seems, impossible.

Trump advisor and clinical psychologist, Joe Barron, has seen this drone-like behavior all too often. He is a calm and rational man so he never allows himself to be baited by the socialists into the screaming matches they want. Barron prefers to have intellectual debates with his political opponents, impossible as that may seem at times given the poor education and intellect of the average liberal.

As a psychologist and one who is very well informed of the President’s agenda, he has taken the time to listen to liberal arguments closely so that he could stop wasting so much time in confrontation with them and formulate a set of convincing responses that will force the surrender of his opponents. He succeeded and is now sharing with all those who wish to persuade leftist Americans to join with Trump.

“It’s quite simple really. One must merely present to them points that they cannot dispute. When things become particularly heated and you’re ready to throw up your hands and give up, or even at the start of disagreement to save time and grief, just utter the following intellectually superior point and you will have won:

Trump 2020

Failing that, ‘He’s still your President’ also never fails.”

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