Trump Will Personally Fund All Mailed Stimulus Checks

The liberal media has come down hard on our President for demanding that his signature is on the stimulus checks that will be sent out in the upcoming weeks.  As has been reported, this change in the checks is likely to cause a delay.

What the fake news media failed to report is the real reason for the change on the checks.  Our dear President is personally funding the physical checks with his own money.  This is why we need to keep rich people in office.  As we all know, rich people are the first ones to pool their resources to help those less fortunate in a crisis and our President is no different.

Sandy Batt, of WTAF Channel 52 in Morgantown, WV, scored the Golden Ticket and got to interview the man himself, President Donald Trump.

“I was talking to Linda McMahon and Betsy DeVos, and they’re doing a great job you know, a great job.  And I said to them, you know, I’m getting up there in years, my kids are doing great, and I’ve got all this money.  We put those big tax breaks into place in case this very thing happened.  Now with all of the money I’ve saved in taxes, I have enough to make sure that my people will get a check signed by me from my own money.  Sleepy Joe doesn’t have the money to do this but I do and it pleases me bigly to do this for my loyal subjects.”

The liberal media would have you believe that our President hates everyone not like him but nothing could be further from the truth.  If you want a President that truly wants the best for all Americans, be sure to vote Donald Trump and straight Republican to support him this November. It may not be good for your health or the economy, but it sure does feel nice to own the libs.

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